A huge SDRD ‘bully’ to all of our amazing sponsors that keep us clothed and rolling. We’d be lost without them. Read on and find out more about these wonderful people.

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Double Threat Skates UK

SDRD are proud to be sponsored by Double Threat Skates (DTS), London’s first roller derby specific bricks and mortar store. They are located in the heart of Central London, in the old coal storage arches next to St.Pancras Station in King’s Cross.

DTS is run by two of LRG’s (London Roller Girls) formidable players, Kristen (previously known as Kitty Decapitate) and Gaz (Goregasm Ladyburger) and they always provide expert and super friendly advice by sharing the knowledge they have gained over a combined 10 years experience playing and coaching high level roller derby, all over the world.

For more information about Double Threat Skates visit their website and online store or better still, why not pop into their shop in Kings Cross to pay them a visit and you can benefit from expert face-to-face customer service.


Queens Of The Sin Bin

Late 2010 Nadia (Kandi CorpseGrinder) joined a local team (The Swansea Slayers) and their first steps into the addictive sport had been taken, little did they know how much of a life changing event that would turn out to be. They had been on many Derby road trips since the beginning but their major introduction to Derby really grabbed our attention and changed our business over night. It was a UK All Stars v’s London Roller Girls bout held in High Wycombe, UK, and they were hooked from the start!

It had everything they love in a sport and made for an awesome viewing spectacle but it was so very different, there and then they decided they wanted to be involved. They have a background in surfing and skateboarding apparel with their Obsolete Industries business so the inclusion of Roller Derby was relatively effortless. Initially they used the Obsolete label for their Derby clothing but over a short period of time felt it prudent to set up a stand alone label just for Derby as Derby was taking over, and so Queens Of The Sin Bin was born!


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